Sometimes I get bored and pour indiscriminate amounts of whatever condiments (or any other stray liquids) we have in our apartment into a small cup, mix them together, and dare my boyfriend to try the concoction.  E.g. ketchup, hoisin sauce, hot sauce, coffee dregs, water.

This is how I show affection.  Poor guy.

Let’s call one of my jobs Pterodactyl Hunter Extraordinaire and the other Superfine Baton-Twirler. These nicknames aren’t because I have any kind of actual reason for needing anonymity, but because the phrases are silly and they popped into my head this morning over a breakfast of two mini-doughnuts (from Starbucks — cute, and not half bad) and bad coffee (also from Starbucks — didn’t have a chance to get real coffee, so I figured, “Hey, how bad can Starbucks be?” because I, uh, forgot how bad it could be … but seriously, the doughnuts were sinfully cute) and I’ve been wanting an excuse to use them and I remembered I made a blog.

I’m watching “True Blood” — I’m always at least three years behind on things (the only amazing show that I got into from the get go was “Mad Men”), so I’m mid-way through the first season, and a character (who annoys the living daylights out of me 98% of the time) mentioned that just as Pluto’s no longer a planet, the brontosaurus is no longer a dinosaur. Hadn’t heard about the bronto; looked it up; it’s true: apparently one man found a bunch of bones and put them together and named it, and then a second man found a bunch of bones (from the same type of dinosaur), didn’t know about the first man, and named it, and “brontosaurus” was the second man’s name for it so it doesn’t count. What ho. Eight planets and one less dinosaur. No more floppies. By the way, loving “True Blood”: it’s a sublimely pulpy romp with a touch of camp and a spritz of grit, if at times a touch overwrought (I’m not really buying the central romance, though I concede it has made for some good TV). Cool cover of Stones’ “Play With Fire” during the credits at the end of this episode (the seventh).

Today I was thinking that I miss floppy disks quite a lot, so I looked them up on Wikipedia.  It mentioned that floppy disks became ubiquitous in the eighties.  A child of the eighties, this filled me with much nostalgia.  Et voila.